Building Blocks STEMA Toy for Kids , Mechanical Principle,60 Play Options

Building Blocks STEMA Toy for Kids , Mechanical Principle,60 Play Options
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AMAZING! Create 60+ Machines

Kids can assemble 60+ kinds of machines with the 110pcs building blocks. These machines are not only models, but also have their own functions and different ways of playing. Kids will Exclaimed excitedly "Wow, look, I've made a transmission, I also want to make a car."At this moment, they are a “little inventor”.

WOW! A Set of 60+ toys

When kids build these machine up,they will get a new toy for example: cars,Telescopic clip, universal joint, top, fishing rod, mousetrap, propeller etc.Each toy has a specific way to play, and we have corresponding videos for each of them. Kids can view them on your mobile phone, ipad or computer.And these toys will let kids play for months without saying, "Mom, I'm tired of it. I want a new one."

A Real STEM Educational Toy

STEM supported Building toys Engineering kits are built to enhance your child’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills. Improve your child's Imagination, Creativity, DIY Skills and Logical Thinking and Problem Solving. It is a great educational gift for children. Opening the door to explore the world.

EXCITING! 3D Drawings with 360° Perspective

Building toys are normally using flat paper drawings, but that can't satisfied kids. So We specially created 3D drawings for this toy, which you can view through your mobile phone, iPad and computer. It can switch angles 360 degrees and see every detail and process of assembly. It's in great favor of children's spatial imagination.

Superior Gift for Kids

A wonderful gift that encourages your boys and girls to learn with fun and not feel bored.They will be satisfied with their achievement of creating. New Flexible material is economical, non-toxic, harmless.Children also can assemble flexibly and Create more possibilities.

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